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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question regarding our Banner Exchange service? Below are some of the more common questions that are asked by our members, If you feel your question is not answered here please contact us.

Q. Can I have more than one(1) The Adult Traffic Exchange account?
A. No, accounts are limited to one per person.

Q. How many banners can I advertise here?
A. Free members may advertise up to 5 banners on the banner exchange where as our upgraded members may add up to 20 banners on the banner exchange.

Q. Can I assign credits to my banners?
A. Yes, members can allocate credits to their banners as they see fit.

Q. How do I assign credits to my banner exchange banners?
A. From the members area to navigation you can click allocate banner credits. Alternatively members can allocate credits to their banners whilst editing their banners.

Q. How many exchange banners can I add to my pages?
A. Members may add one(1) exchange banner code per page. Adding additional banners will earn additional credits but at a reduced rate.

Q. How can I earn banner exchange credits?
A. Members are able to earn banner exchange credits simply by adding our banner exchange code to their web sites and blogs. Every time your page receives a unique view you will earn 0.75 credits. Any repeat banner exchange views earn 0.1 credits. No limits are placed on earnings meaning the more unique traffic your website receives the more credits you earn.

Q. Can I earn commissions here at The Adult Traffic Exchange?
A. Yes, Refer new members to our website and earn up to 25% commission on any of their purchases for life. Once You have reached the minimum pay out amount of $25 for free members and $15 for upgraded members and requested withdrawal, we will promptly send payments via your chosen pay out method. The Adult Traffic Exchange use's the following payment processors : PayPal, Payza, Solid Trust Pay.

Q. Can I retrieve My lost account information?
A. Members can request account info be sent to their registered email address. Simply head to the log-in page and click the Lost Password link.

Q. Can I advertise banners of an adult nature?
A. Yes, we accept adverts of any legal nature that does not violate our payment processors T and C.

Q. Does The Adult Traffic Exchange deliver traffic?
A. We operate a banner exchange service. We deliver traffic to your banner images and organic clicks to your links.

Q. What are the Banner Exchange rates?
A. The Adult Traffic Exchange members earn 0.50 advertising credits for every 24hr unique view they send to the banner exchange. Repeat banner exchange views earn 0.10 advertising credits. The cost to advertise your banner on the banner exchange is 1.0 advertising credit per view or in other words a 1:2 exchange ratio. More info on banner exchange rates can be found here.

Q. Why have one or more of my banners been suspended?
A. We do not take this action lightly. Banners that have been suspended from the banner exchange have been found to either not load or they contain unacceptable content. This may include hateful material, pornographic material etc. More info on acceptable material can be found here.

Have a question that is not answered above?
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